21 kms of dandavats: day 5


Madhava led a soulful pre-Mangala Kirtan. More devotees come daily. On the road now for Giriraja .. Just turning off the highway on the Mathura Road to Govardhan. Please send blessings that our bodies will hold up .. And that our minds and prayers will be fixed. Jai Ho !! Giriraja Maharaja Ki Jai !!
[Later] Had a very wonderful parikrama today. Being blessed by a hazy autumn sky, we were not pinched by the sun. Nice thoughts that I would like to share but there is no time to write things down..

[Later] Tonight Madhava sang a great kirtan in the temple, we offered lamps, and returned home to celebrate Diwali. Vijaya lit candles around the house and in the garden and it was very beautiful. Radha Mohan purchased lots of firecrackers and I thought we had a real scene going till Balarama Baba began. Well, many atom bombs and various types of rockets are being exploded for Lord Rama tonite, a bit noisy, but I doubt there is a monkey for 10 Kilometres 🙂 Happy Diwalli to all !! May the lamp of love shine brightly in your hearts.


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