21 kms of dandavats: day 7


Madhava sang good pre-Mangala Kirtan. Govinda of Spanish origin played the drum in time, chaddars necessary morning wear. 05:25 and driving through Ral, men huddled around small fires on the roadside, people walking away from the village, with serious expressions and with lotas in hand, tall kusa grass lining the empty road to Govardhan, heaving breathing from all others in the car, catching last moments of rest before starting. Gopinatha Bhadra feeling better, Govinda has a pain in his stomach, Radha Priya has a cold, Mohan’s headache is better, Madhava hardly sleeps, and my only problem is unwanted hopes for material happiness. Please bless us all that Giriraja Govardhan will hear our plea and answer even the smallest portion. Now the faint lights of Radha Kund are appearing in the distance to the right, will Sri Radhe hear our prayers? Turned left, passing a dark Kusum Sarovar. Silence out here, driving through Govardhan village to reach our starting point. Sadly, from yesterday’s free distribution of prasadam, there is a sea of plastic cups littering the road. We near our starting point…Please give us your vaisnava blessings, Bolo Giriraja Maharaja Ki Jai.. Jai Jai Sri Radhe..
[Later] Good parikrama today, greeted Gaura Shakti in Vrindavan, wanted to go to Barsana tonight but when we were on the national highway the brakes of the car totally gave out so we took it as a sign to return to Vrindavan. Had evening darshan of Radha Raman. Goodnight to all from Vraja.


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