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250 Year Old Devraha Baba interviewed by Russian reporter

Devraha Baba was a siddha who lived for over 250 years, before entering samadhi in 1989. So elderly was he that the first President of India, Dr. Rajendra Prasad, more than fifty years ago, said that his father had sat at the feet of Devraha Baba as a child – that is, in the middle of the nineteenth century – and Devraha Baba was already elderly at that time.
This rare video footage was recorded for a russian television channel around 1987-1989, so it is not in English. Read the translation of the interview below.

Reporter say: This is Devraha Baba, who lives on this wooden platform. He is not a robber or a psycho but a person highly honored and respected not only in India but also far from its borders. He was visited on many occasions by famous and rich Kashigy (?), Sultan of Brunei (?), artists and actors – Liz Taylor, Roger Moore; rulers of India that visited him were Indira Gandhi and Radjiv Gandhi, and ministers of the government.

So it is our turn now to see him! Let see what is happening these are high power people from Delhi that brought their children suffering from diarrhea. Conventional drugs would not help them so these people are using alternative methods to deal with their problems.

Baba cures people using only words and by touching them using his foot. Up to 3,000 people come to see him daily, some for advise, some to get healed and others just to see him.

As we can see, people are sitting by the fence and waiting for when Baba would give them a sign to approach. It happens that people being sent away by means of his young helper. Rumors about this wise man spread from eastern India, state of Bihar in the mid-1950s, when a village was attacked by a pack of wild bears eating people. That is when Baba appeared from one of the huts and stopped the bears by raising his hand. Since then Baba was seen in other parts of India.

Devraha Baba

He could understand the language of animals, heal people by his look or word, give advice and tell the future. In the past he would do predictions of political future for whole countries. For that he was once arrested and only personal involvement of Indira Gandhi helped to get him out of the jail. Some say that Baba was her personal advisor during her last days. This holy man could not protect her but predicted the day she would die (she wrote about it).

Question and Answer begins by the reporter:

Question by reporter: What do you eat?

Answer by Devraha Baba: Nothing by your standards.

Question by reporter: How old are you and do you remember your parents?

Answer by Devraha Baba: I do not have any age. I was born from the river Yamuna when it was blessed by Krishna.

(At this point somebody from the crowd commented that he is 200 years old or just under that.)

Question by reporter: People talk about the end of the world that is expected at the end of this century (this interview is dated to mid 1980s), can you comment on that?

Answer by Devraha Baba: This is a secret and the time has not come yet to reveal that. I can only say that what ever would happen will be good for the humanity, as I am praying for that.

Reporter says: After such an answer we had little hope for our next question: What can you say about the future of the Soviet Union? And here a miracle happened as we got a long answer from this Person who does not even know how a radio or a newspaper looks like:

Answer by Devraha Baba: Litva has distorted the Baltics and the 3 Republics would separate, other Republics would follow up. You are going thru a difficult period of suffering but at the end everything will be ok as you will be purged. Your President Gorbachev will visit India this or next year. Let him come over and I would give a good advice to him and bless.

Question by reporter: Can we pass on your message to him?

Answer by Devraha Baba: No, let him come in person.

Question by reporter: Can we get a blessing from you?

Reporter says: Here there was a delay for about 15 minutes during which he would glance at us with one eye, greenish and bottomless. Meanwhile it was commented from the crowd that his last blessing happened about 1 year ago and that he does not bless when people ask for it. So we were about to leave when Baba decided to bless me. I am going to comment on my feelings while it is happening. They say that usually insulation is used between the foot and a head to be on a safe side.

Reporter says: Later When saying goodbye Baba told us not to leave Delhi quickly after we would return there. We forgot all about it and went off to another assignment. Just recently we found that a train near Bombay was derailed. We were planning to take this train. Well, it could be just a coincidence, or maybe not?

Samadhi of Devraha Baba on Yamuna bank in Vrindavan

In Vrindavan, Krishna is only interested in relationships.

Therefore, as devotees of Krishna we should go there with the desire to stabilize our relationship with him. The moment we are uninterested in a relationship with Krishna, the door to the spiritual Vrindavan closes. as soon as we think: “I’m this and that” and “I want this or that”, we will see a dusty village in Uttar Pradesh with an income rate below poverty. We have different relationships in this world, but Vrindavan should be reserved for the one relationship to Krishna. In other words: we should keep Vrindavan sacred. – Sacinandana Swami


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