Radhashtami celebration begins with Lalita Sakhi’s birthday

Uncha GaonRight next to Varsana is the village of Uncha Gaon, which is where Radharani’s best friend, Lalita, took birth two days before she did. Her birthday is to be celebrated on 11th of September.

According to the tradition, Radharani has unlimited numbers of sakhis or girlfriends. Just like a lotus flower has eight petals, so Varsana mountain is surrounded by eight villages where the eight principal sakhis took birth. These eight are called Radha’s prana-preshtha sakhis, or friends who are dearer than life itself to her. Of these, Lalita Devi is the most important, for she is Radharani’s guide in dealing with Krishna. Without her permission, Radha and Krishna cannot come together.

Lalita’s birthday marks the beginning of Radhastami festivities in the Varsana area.

Every year In the midst of the kirtan of “Radhe Radhe”, Lalita’s murti is bathing in nearly 50 kilograms of milk, ghee, yogurt and other ingredients. After the abhishek, the three murtis of Radha, Krishna and Lalita will be dressed in sparkling new clothes. They will then be placed on the altar, which will be elaborately decorated with flowers.

Many faithful devotees will be gathered there from near and far to watch the ceremony and afterwards relish the panchamrita prasad.

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View of Lalita’s temple in Uncha Gaon from Varsana.
Photo by BB Govinda Swami.


O mind, immediately race to Vrndavana!

By BB Govinda Swami:







Here Sivarama Swami singing Chalo Mana – Sri Vrindavan Dham, sweet rocking nectar! Enjoy! And let your mind take you to Vrindavan!

Here are the lyrics which you can all memorize by heart and quickly run to Vrindavan.


(Refrain) calo mana śrī vṛndāvana dhāma


jahā viharata nāgari arū nāgara, kuñjana āṭho jāma


bhūkha lage to rasikana jhūṭhana khāye lahiya viśrāma


pyāsa lage to tarūṇi tanujā taṭa piyu salila lalāma


nīnda lage to jāya soi rahu, latana kuñja abhirāma


braja ki reṇu lakhi cinmaya, tanmama rahu abhirāma


pe kṛpālu mana jāti yaha bhūliya bhāva rahe niṣkāma

(Refrain) O mind, immediately race to Vrndavana!

1) Where the Hero and heroines perpetually enjoy in the kunjas;

2) When hungry, I will take the remnants of rasika devotees and then take rest

3) When thirsty I will go to the banks of the Yamuna and drink her tasty water.

4) When fatigued, I will rest in the dense kunjas.

5) O mind, you will find eternal peace upon seeing the transcendental dust of Vraja.

6) O mind, be merciful to me and renounce all other desires besides these.




First Time In Vrindavan

By Olessia Podtserob.

Photo by Vijay Radhika ddI wished to go to India since a few years, even before I came to know about the Krishna Consciousness Movement. The first time I heard of Mayapur was in my first conversation with a devotee on the street. He was a sankirtana devotee who had given me a book by Srila Prabhupada. Later, from the book “Krishna” I learned about Vrindavan. At first this town was like some hypothetical place for me, where fairy tales happen. Until one hot summer day, when I got stuck in traffic on my way home, and all around me were metal cars, asphalt, huge buildings with shining glass windows. All of this was almost melting from heat and smoke. That is when a picture came to my mind of Krishna and the cowherd boys grazing cows in the forest. I suddenly realized that Srila Prabhupada has got a point there. He actually suggests an alternative to this hellish modern city life.

But my trip to the Holy places of India was just not happening. All of my friends have already left for Vrindavan and come back several times, and I was still sitting in Moscow, wondering how much more sincere does my desire have to be to finally get there? One time there was no money, another time I got sick before the planned trip, and so on. Then, all these books started to appear in my house. First, a “Guide to Vrindavana” by Rajashekhara dasa. A short while later, “Appreciating Sri Vrindavana Dhama” by Mahanidhi Swami. Then, some more. What is happening? – I thought to myself. Could it be true that I will actually travel to this magical place soon?

And soon enough, all was ready for the trip. Visas received, tickets bought, sudden problems at child’s school resolved, anxiety of the mind pacified by the devotees’ blessings and gentle care.

Still, there was a bit of fear on my part to enter Vrindavan. It seemed to me like a queen, who is so opulent that you are afraid to approach her. Or a guru whose fame is such that you think, who am I to come near this exalted person?

But when I finally got to Vrindavan, it actually felt like home. It felt like a spiritual master who treats you like his most dear friend.

photo by Vijay Radhika ddWhat struck me at first was that Vrindavan reminded me of a place where I spent the first few years of my childhood. That place was an Arabic country in North Africa. There, I saw white low-storey houses, smiling people with bright eyes and black hair, men in traditional white clothing. In Tripoli, God was being glorified from mosques loudly throughout the streets. I used to go out on the roof and look at the city from above. Even the smells on Vrindavan streets reminded me of those years, as well as the small shops. Of course, monkeys, pigs and cows wondering through the streets were a new experience for me. Later, devotees told me that many of them find places in Vrindavan that remind them of their childhood.

Srila Prabhupada says that all the sacred places “are so situated that anyone who goes there automatically becomes purified. This is especially true in Vrindavana; any person may go there, and even if he is sinful he will at once contact an atmosphere of spiritual life and will automatically chant the names of Krishna and Radha “. (SB 3.20.4)

And so I had to remind myself that Vrindavan is not an ordinary place and one should not describe Vrindavan merely from this perspective. I remembered all that I had heard about Vrindavan in the lectures and read in Srila Prabhupada’s books – its spiritual nature, Krishna’s pastimes that are going on there eternally, and the external covering of maya, which clouds the vision of ordinary souls and prevents them from seeing the ‘real’ Vrindavan.

From the first day of our trip (I traveled with my daughter Sitarani, and my husband had to stay at home because work could not live without him) I kept a small diary of events. As soon as we stepped into the Arrival hall in Delhi, adventures started to happen and I had to keep track. When we got out of the car in Vrindavan and bowed down, five or six dogs came up to us. Sitarani was thrilled and started to play with one of them. Soon the dogs were almost fighting with each other for who gets caressed by her first.

I wrote down so many things, including impressions from Krishna-Balaram Mandir, offering of lamps in the temple ( we were there for Kartik), Damodara Lila lectures by HH Bhakti Rasamrita Swami, walking to Mangala-arati in the early morning together with other devotees when it is so quiet and even no rikshaws are in sight, meeting Russian devotees who reside in Vrindavan, experience of serving in the kitchen with Indian devotees and of sharing a meal with them, visiting HH Purnacandra Goswami’s Samadhi and the ISKCON Goshala, Gopashatami festival, going to Yamuna with Niranjana Swami and BB Govinda Swami’s group, kirtan at BB Govinda Swami’s house, visiting Radha Kunda, Prabhupada-katha by Malati dd in Srila Prabhupada’s house, Radha-Damodara temple where I was given maha-prasadam in Srila Prabhupada’s room, Govardhan- parikrama where we rolled in the dust while the pilgrims watched, morning SB lectures and how I was lucky to have translated Giriraj Swami’s morning lecture.

I enjoyed discovering Srila Prabhupada’s house. First I discovered the library where matajis were chanting japa in the morning. The next day, I sat in front of a door and realized that it leads somewhere. It actually led to a beautiful small garden. Next day still, I decided to take a walk up the stairs from the garden. I discovered a roof and behind it Prabhupada’s japa room. I remembered how I read about Him receiving massage on that roof. Later, it turned out that behind the japa room, there was still another roof, full of monkeys.

http://www.radhanathswami.comOne day before Guru-puja I suddenly saw HH Radhanatha Swami in the crowd of devotees. I thought to myself, “Oh my God! It’s Maharaj!” He was standing very close and looked rather fragile, and the crowd was as usual – everyone was joyfully pushing their way through. Maharaj looked at me and nodded His head as if He knew me personally. Moments later my mind registered that He was surrounded by caring devotees, who were defending Him with their backs so that no one would casually bump into His Holiness.

Witnessing everyday life in Vrindavan, I was amazed at the contribution that Srila Prabhupada has made to the lives of all these people. Many devotees from all over the world came together, danced and sang together. At one of the lectures a thought appeared in my mind that Srila Prabhupada has come to this world for me. Krishna Balaram Mandir was built for me and you. We are always welcome to come there. Everyone is welcome.

During my stay I was taught that it is important to learn to ‘see’ Vrindavan through the ears primarily and by a humble service attitude. Hearing in the association of devotees gives us faith and equips us with the understanding by which one can ‘see’ Vrindavan properly.”When one has purified eyes, he can see that Sri Vrindavana and the original Goloka Vrindavana planet in the spiritual sky are identical.” (CC Madhya lila, 16.281)

People in Vrindavan are so happy. When two rikshaws argue for a client they smile in the end. There is no enmity, no angry rivalry. Why, I thought, is the West pressuring these people to acquire its lifestyle? They are so happy just worshipping God, why turn them into Coca-Cola consumers?

When I was ordering a taxi to get to Delhi airport, an elder mataji asked if she could share the ride with us. On our way, it turned out that she was Srila Prabhupada’s disciple by the name of Uma devi dasi. She now lives in Delhi with her family, and she received her first initiation from Prabhupada in 1975 in Boston, and her second initiation in Philadelphia.

At the Delhi airport, I was wearing a sari in a rather Brijabasi-style. Not only was it a simple cotton sari, but I also wore it throughout the 4-hour car trip. So when I went to the counter to exchange some money, the Indian girl behind it asked me, “Are you coming from Varanasi?” – “Vrindavan”, – was my reply. “Do you have more of these necklaces with you?”- she asked, pointing to my kanthimalas. Apparently, I did not. “Did your life change after you started wearing those?” – she asked me further. I mentally traveled to the time four years ago when I first put them on and thought to myself, “Oh yes, it sure did.” I replied the same to her, adding, that it was not only the necklace that changed my life, but also the mantra that I have been chanting on the beads. With this, I showed her the bead bag, explaining that there are 108 beads and I chant 16 rounds of these beads each day. Then I told her that, to wear these, she needs to follow certain regulations, namely, no meat, no sex outside of marriage, no intoxications and no gambling. She was almost shy to hear of some of these principles and said she was keeping to all of them. I asked the girl if she knew where the ISKCON temple in Delhi was, since that is where she could buy kanthimalas. She knew the temple, “But will they be the same as if I bought them in Vrindavan?”, she asked and I assured her they will be. After this small preaching session, Sitarani and I went off on our way to Mumbai. My hope is that she reaches the temple and might buy the beads as well and start chanting at least some rounds.

photo by Adi Keshava dasAs I was planning to come to India, devotees warned me that the first trip might be a cultural shock. And I did receive a cultural shock. But it was not from seeing dirt, or hearing noise, or being in a crowd. Even the sound of car horns did not bother me. But what shocked me was the amount of love that is there. The mood of service. How it comes naturally and brings pleasure to both the servant and the served.

So on my last day in Vrindavan, I was thinking, how will I go back to where I live and not see all of this every day? But then I realized that once I am back, I will get covered by the dark fog of everyday material responsibilities, and then it will be enough for me to just look at a picture and be happy with that.  And then I thought that this is perhaps how we survive here in the material world. A dark thick fog covers us and we do not miss Krishna. We do not check the phone frantically for His call or sms, we do not look in our email every hour for a letter from Him, we don’t cry because we have missed saying “Hare Krishna” to Him in the morning.

photo by Adi Keshava dasI am talking about the majority of us and not about those few lucky souls who are thinking of Krishna always. We are just happy with seeing His picture somewhere there on the wall or on the altar. But in Vrindavan, the heart melts. It wants to feel and to be alive. It yearns to know Guru and Krishna.

Upon leaving Vrindavan, I pray that my heart continues to be soft and does not get covered with a big layer of ice. I pray to be able to still feel these emotions weeks and months later. And of course, I pray to Srimati Radharani to please allow me to come back to Vrindavan.





In Vrindavan, Krishna is only interested in relationships.

Therefore, as devotees of Krishna we should go there with the desire to stabilize our relationship with him. The moment we are uninterested in a relationship with Krishna, the door to the spiritual Vrindavan closes. as soon as we think: “I’m this and that” and “I want this or that”, we will see a dusty village in Uttar Pradesh with an income rate below poverty. We have different relationships in this world, but Vrindavan should be reserved for the one relationship to Krishna. In other words: we should keep Vrindavan sacred. – Sacinandana Swami


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Last Mangala Arati of 2011

04:30, cold foggy morning in Vrindavan, quiet empty streets. A morning arati starts at Krishna Balaram Temple, the last Mangala arati of 2011. Listen to Govinda Swami leading the prayer. Have a good day and a happy New Year!

Click to listen:
      Last Mangala Arati of 2011 | download

Radhe Shyamasundar at Krishna Balaram Temple in Vrindavan



21 kms of dandavats: final day

On the auspicious day of Srila Prabhupada’s Tirobhava Mahotsava, we have completed our Giriraja Dandavat Parikrama. Today we offered dandavats for 4.5 hrs. Srimati Radharani and Srila Prabhupada gave us Their sweet protection with a very hazy sky and nice cool breezes. The most intense part of today’s journey was our dandavat parikrama of Radha Kund and Shyama Kund. Many people were driving cars on…the narrow lane and seemed completely oblivious to the fact that there was a group of people prostrating themselves on the side of the road. Once, as I was rising from a dandavat, I noticed the front left wheel of a car rolling across the pillow I use for my knees. At that time the venomous snake of my anger wanted to rise and strike severely .. but maintaining proper consciousness I got up, looked into the car window, and softly addressed a young Indian lady saying, “please .. you should be more careful” to which she replied, “yeah, sorry, but you are blocking the road”. This brought a big smile on my face and I realised that Srimati Radharani was just giving me a test. At Lalita Kund, our last rest spot, Sacinandana Swami gently smiled and said, “Ah.. when we round the bend.. and pass Gopi Kua.. we will be quickly pulled back to our starting place by Kundesvara Mahadeva. And we were. Passing Madhavendra Puri’s place, Lord Caitanya’s place, the entrance to the sangam between the two lakes, and the steep ramp where we had first offered our prayers, we reached Kundesavara. After a long period of prayer we all rose and began hugging and congratulating one another. As we were all terribly dusty and dirty we decided to bathe in Kusum Sarovara and tomorrow after we complete our 22 Km walk around Govardhan we will have bath in Radha Kund. We all feel that we embarked upon a very spiritual journey and are very hopeful for positive spiritual changes in our hearts.Today at 16:00, we attended Madhava Prabhu’s kirtan at MVT, from 17:30 till 18:20 I was asked to sing in Srila Prabhupada’s room. Madhava sang from 18:20 till 19:20 and then HH Niranjana Swami sang the Gurvastakam as arati was performed to Srila Prabhupada. All glories to Srila Prabhupada and to Sri Giriraja Govardhan. Hare Krishna. Jai Sri Radhe Shyam!!


21 kms of dandavats: day 7

Madhava sang good pre-Mangala Kirtan. Govinda of Spanish origin played the drum in time, chaddars necessary morning wear. 05:25 and driving through Ral, men huddled around small fires on the roadside, people walking away from the village, with serious expressions and with lotas in hand, tall kusa grass lining the empty road to Govardhan, heaving breathing from all others in the car, catching last moments of rest before starting. Gopinatha Bhadra feeling better, Govinda has a pain in his stomach, Radha Priya has a cold, Mohan’s headache is better, Madhava hardly sleeps, and my only problem is unwanted hopes for material happiness. Please bless us all that Giriraja Govardhan will hear our plea and answer even the smallest portion. Now the faint lights of Radha Kund are appearing in the distance to the right, will Sri Radhe hear our prayers? Turned left, passing a dark Kusum Sarovar. Silence out here, driving through Govardhan village to reach our starting point. Sadly, from yesterday’s free distribution of prasadam, there is a sea of plastic cups littering the road. We near our starting point…Please give us your vaisnava blessings, Bolo Giriraja Maharaja Ki Jai.. Jai Jai Sri Radhe..
[Later] Good parikrama today, greeted Gaura Shakti in Vrindavan, wanted to go to Barsana tonight but when we were on the national highway the brakes of the car totally gave out so we took it as a sign to return to Vrindavan. Had evening darshan of Radha Raman. Goodnight to all from Vraja.


21 kms of dandavats: day 6

Today we celebrated Govardhan Puja by offering dandavats to Giriraja Govardhan. I remembered that one of the reasons Sri Krishna arranged the Govardhan Puja was to remove the pride of His devotee Indradeva. So among other prayers, I was humbly requesting Girigovardhan to please remove the Sumeru mountain of pride within my heart. Just like a sharp thorn thrust within the eye causes blindness, the sharp thorn of pride pierces the eye of our self-realisation and causes spiritual blindness. Please Giriraja, lift this mountain of pride from my heart and allow me to become your genuine devotee. Today we began in the lane leading to Jatipura village. Passing the Vallabha Sampradya Mukharavinda we proceeded to the end of the village, then turned left to return to the main road. The area along the boundary wall had been used as an open toilet. There were multicoloured mounds of freshly deposited remains of the previous day’s curries, and, the waters used for cleansing had trickled across our path. As I was prostrating my body in the dust, glancing left, catching various aromas, I realised that the bad, smelly desires of my heart were no better than the waste products on the side of the path. The only difference was that path-side stools had passed easily from someone’s body, whereas the stool-like desires of my heart cling and cling, never wanting to come out. As much as I may read, or chant, or pray, or serve, I am understanding that I am totally dependent upon the causeless grace of Sri Radhe and Sri Krishna to free my heart from these filthy material desires. O Giriraja-dharan, O Giriraja Govardhan, please bestow your grace upon me, allow me to one day become your devotee. Turning to the main road we proceeded a short distance till we again entered the inside path. As it was Govardhan Puja the parikrama path was full of pilgrims and the dust from their feet covered our bodies. Half way between Jatipura and Govardhan Village we stopped our parikarama, our car was waiting, we stopped at Giriraja Sweet Shop for kacoris with a pumpkin subji that was like a sweet hot chutney. Madhava bought fresh jalebis, delicious Bengali chum chums, and we proceeded to Kusum Sarovara for our bath and picnic. Returning home, the devotees had worshipped my Giriraja beautifully. The altar was decorated with many flower garlands, pleasant incense and aromatic oils were burning, Giriraja had eaten a feast cooked by Vrindavan Bihari, mountains of delicious fruits, and tons of sweets. My neighbour Balarama Baba sent samples of the 56 preparations he had offered to Giriraja, Vijaya Radhika prepared sweet rice that tasted like amrita from the spiritual world. After a long shower we honoured the Lord’s tasty foodstuffs. Then I fell into a deep comatose situation. After an hour I rallied my spirits, again bathed, dressed, and went to Madhava Prabhu’s kirtan on the MVT lawn. It was celestial. Following that the vaisnavas allowed me to sing in the temple. After offering my lamp to the deities I walked in the cool Vraja night to Varaha Ghat relishing japa. Though Diwali was yesterday, I can hear big explosions of firecrackers throughout Vrindavan. Good night dear friends from blessed Vrindavan on the evening of Govardhan Puja. I pray that you all had blissful celebrations filled with sweet remembrance of the Lord’s Govardhan Lila. May the ever merciful, best devotee of Lord Hari, Giriraja Govardhan fulfil your heart’s deepest spiritual yearnings. O Vrindavan, my home, the land I love, please let me serve you.


21 kms of dandavats: day 5

Madhava led a soulful pre-Mangala Kirtan. More devotees come daily. On the road now for Giriraja .. Just turning off the highway on the Mathura Road to Govardhan. Please send blessings that our bodies will hold up .. And that our minds and prayers will be fixed. Jai Ho !! Giriraja Maharaja Ki Jai !!
[Later] Had a very wonderful parikrama today. Being blessed by a hazy autumn sky, we were not pinched by the sun. Nice thoughts that I would like to share but there is no time to write things down..

[Later] Tonight Madhava sang a great kirtan in the temple, we offered lamps, and returned home to celebrate Diwali. Vijaya lit candles around the house and in the garden and it was very beautiful. Radha Mohan purchased lots of firecrackers and I thought we had a real scene going till Balarama Baba began. Well, many atom bombs and various types of rockets are being exploded for Lord Rama tonite, a bit noisy, but I doubt there is a monkey for 10 Kilometres 🙂 Happy Diwalli to all !! May the lamp of love shine brightly in your hearts.