Let me see Vrindavan

photo by Shyam GopalI remember my trip to Vraja last year in May/June. On my first day, I had a terrible experience! The road was being fixed with a new drainage system and that caused the Parikram Marg to be congested completely. So I prayed to Krishna Balarama. Well, I kind of pleaded to Them: “Krishna Balarama! photo by Govinda SwamiYou have brought me all the way here to Vrindavan. Now, please, let me see Vrindavan dhama as it is”. That evening, on the rickshaw, a monkey very elegantly took away my glasses. I was practically blind without it! And this all happened in the midst of a busy market! So my mum and I took shelter on the side of the road, while my dad purchased a banana. The monkey was still waiting on a roof for the barter to commence. photo by Govinda SwamiSuddenly, a local Brijwasi appeared on a motorbike, took the banana from my dad, and climbed up the roof! The monkey bitterly rejected the offer. He wanted something new. My father got a cucumber and the Brijwasi successfully got my glasses back. All the while, I was practically blind, looking around in a blurred world. All I could see was a greenish tree, and the dark blue sky. That was all I could see. Just the tree and sky. I could not hear anything either. And I realized that very moment, this is Vrindavan, the very same forest in which Radhe Syama would play. I got my glasses back in exceptional condition. Except… for the bite mark on its edge as prasadam from a Vrindavan monkey 🙂photo by Shyam Gopal


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  1. This reminds me of my first trip to Vrindavan. I was well aware of the monkeys there, and of their attraction to people wearing glasses. It’s like their saying that we are not meant to wear glasses. Luckily for me, I was carrying something, probably a book of some kind, and as soon as I heard my auntie screaming “MONKEYS!”, the next thing I knew, a monkey was headed straight at me. Instinctively, I lifted up the book I was carrying and blocked my face so the monkey wouldn’t catch my glasses. It apparently worked. The monkey jumped on me and I just closed my eyes. The next thing I did was to remove my glasses and keep them away in my bag. 🙂

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