Radhika Raman. The sacred journey.

The passing away of Sriman Radhika Raman Das Brahmacari, a true Vaisnava. On March 28, 2011 he left his body in the sacred Yamuna river in Vrindavan…

Radhika Raman

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  1. Anta-kale ca mam eva smaran muktva kalevaram
    yah prayati sa mad-bhavam yati nasty atra samsayah.

    All glories to Srila Prabhupada and his disciples, who are spreading the all-blissful Harinam to all corners of the world. It scares me even to think what would have been the fate of countless souls like me had it not been true. All glories to the Vaishnava parampara and Radhika Raman Prabhu for being part of the parampara, so that he could have a sacred journey back home.

  2. I feel great compassion for HG. Radhika Raman Das prabhu. He was with us during Navadhip Mandal Parikrama in 2011 in Sri Dham Mayapur. While many Russian devotees were heading to Sri Dham Vrindavan for the boat festival, my family and I enjoyed and gained energy by associating with so many great souls and by walking on the holy land of Sri Caitaniya Mahaprabhu. Radhika Raman Prabhu’s journey was also meant to achieve the greatest spiritual perfection by doing parikram and visiting the holy Dham.

    But he is no longer with us in the form of the body that we were used to seeing and associating with. I miss his association and feel separation from him, and my imperfect senses cannot tell me why he is not with us anymore. I am sure Mother Yamuna has a perfect answer to this. Yamunaji …yes, she has!!

    I cannot use words to describe Russian devotees. They have so much dedication and strong faith in Krishna and Srila Prabhupada. Some of them even work day night, very hard, spending less, saving money, just to go to Holy places in India and to spend time for their spiritual advancement.

    Dear Radhika Raman Prabhuji, all of our humble obeisances to you. We shall pray for your spiritual journey to end at Goloka Vrindavan where you continue to serve Sri Guru and Gauranga without any end.

    Yours forever,
    Your servant, a small insignificant soul from the material planet,
    Shanti Krsna Das

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