Radhastami at Varsana, Part II

On one of the days of Radhastami festivities, the residents of Varsana run throughout the village, with young boys dressed as Radha and Krishna on their shoulders. This tradition originates from the pastime at Sankari Khor, when Krishna demanded taxes from Radharani and her girlfriends, who were carrying pots of yogurt. This video is available on Glimpses of Vraja DVD http://www.vrindavanexperience.com/shop/


Radhastami at Varsana, Part I

The festival of Radhastami, the appearance of Radharani, is being celebrated at Varsana for almost a week. Crowds of people join to circumambulate the holy place and participate in the festival. This video is available on the Glimpses of Vraja DVD: http://www.vrindavanexperience.com/shop/


Vrindavan Symphony CD

Melodious chanting of the Hare Krishna mantra accompanied by a fusion of traditional instruments and a philharmonic orchestra.

Performed by: BB Govinda Swami, Lughansk Philharmonic Orchestra and Kazakhstan Bhajan Group
Genre: Fusion, Symphony, Ethno
Release date: May 2009

Click on tracks to listen to a preview:

      1. Yamuna - Kazakhstan Bhajan Group
      2. Yamuna - Lughansk Philharmonic Orchestra

      3. Vrindavan - Kazakhstan Bhajan Group

      4. Vrindavan - Lughansk Philharmonic Orchestra